Signup Net Deposit American Airlines 2018 Offer Terms and Conditions

Earn up to 30,000 AAdvantage® miles

Action Free miles
$15,000-$49,999 5,000 AAdvantage® miles
$50,000-$99,999 15,000 AAdvantage® miles
$100,000+ 30,000 AAdvantage® miles

Terms and Conditions

Investing in securities involves risks, and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities. Before investing, consider your investment objectives and Betterment's charges and expenses. Past performance does not guarantee future results, and the likelihood of investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature.

This is a Betterment LLC offer and is not a solicitation by American Airlines. Betterment LLC will award AAdvantage® miles based upon the satisfaction of the terms and conditions of the Betterment LLC offer set forth below. Limited time offer, valid while supplies last. This offer is valid only for new customers who open a taxable Betterment account by 12/31/18 and fund such new account with $15,000 or more of qualifying net deposits within 45 days of account opening. Qualifying net deposits are calculated as assets deposited into a customer's taxable Betterment account minus assets withdrawn from such account and transferred out of Betterment. Qualifying net deposits will be calculated as of the 45th day after account opening (the "Qualification Date"). Only outside assets new to Betterment qualify for purposes of calculating qualifying net deposits. The offer does not apply to deposits or rollovers into any trust account, tax-advantaged retirement account, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA or other IRA account, or 401(k) account. Employer-sponsored retirement accounts provided through Betterment for Business and accounts advised through the Betterment For Advisors platform or the Betterment Advisor Network are excluded from the offer, and deposits into such accounts are not counted towards the deposit thresholds set forth in this offer. Qualifying net deposits must be maintained in a customer's account for a minimum of 60 days from the Qualification Date (the "Holding Period") in order to receive an award of AAdvantage® miles. Customers who meet the criteria set out in these terms shall receive AAdvantage® miles as follows: (i) qualifying net deposits of $15,000 - $49,999 will receive 5,000 AAdvantage® miles; (ii) qualifying net deposits of $50,000 - $99,999 will receive 15,000 AAdvantage® miles; and (iii) qualifying net deposits of $100,000 or more will receive 30,000 AAdvantage® miles. Customers wishing to receive AAdvantage® miles must establish an AAdvantage® account directly with American Airlines. The customer opening a new Betterment account must be the same individual receiving any AAdvantage® miles earned in connection with this offer. Customers must provide a valid AAdvantage® account number to Betterment within 105 days of account opening pursuant to the instructions provided. Allow 3-4 weeks from the expiration of the Holding Period for AAdvantage® miles to appear in your AAdvantage® account. Betterment reserves the right to restrict or revoke this offer at any time. This is not an offer in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business. A customer's AAdvantage® account must be in good standing (as determined by American Airlines) to receive AAdvantage® miles. All AAdvantage® program rules apply to AAdvantage® program membership, AAdvantage® miles, offers, AAdvantage® mile accrual, AAdvantage® mile redemption and travel benefits. Betterment and American Airlines are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for one another's services and policies. Betterment reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions or terminate this offer at any time, to decline requests to participate in this offer at its discretion, to limit the total amount of AAdvantage® miles or other bonuses you are eligible to receive, and to refuse or recover any promotion award if Betterment determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided in opening the account, or that any terms of the Betterment Account Agreements have been violated. This offer is non-transferable and is not valid in conjunction with other offers. Open to U.S. residents only, and the offer is limited to one per individual. In the event that qualifying net deposits are made into a joint account, only the primary user associated with such account shall be eligible to receive this offer with respect to such qualifying net deposits. American Airlines reserves the right to change the AAdvantage® program and its terms and conditions at any time without notice, and to end the AAdvantage® program with six months notice. Any such changes may affect your ability to use the awards or mileage credits that you have accumulated. Unless specified, AAdvantage® miles earned through this promotion/offer do not count toward elite-status qualification or AAdvantage Million Miler℠ status. American Airlines is not responsible for products or services offered by other participating companies. For complete details about the AAdvantage® program, visit American Airlines, AAdvantage, the Flight Symbol logo, and AAdvantage Million Miler are marks of American Airlines, Inc.