Checking Waitlist Rate Boost Offer Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Joining the Betterment Everyday™ Checking waitlist gives you the opportunity for early access to checking accounts and the Betterment Visa Debit Card provided by and issued by nbkc bank, Overland Park, Kansas, Member FDIC. The waitlist is not a checking account, does not obligate you to open a checking account, and will not result in any checking account being opened for you unless you take additional actions to open one in the Betterment Everyday Checking online interface, once it is made available to you. Betterment Financial LLC retains the discretion to make available to any individual on the waitlist the opportunity to open a Betterment Everyday Checking account at any time, and there is no guarantee that your position on the Betterment Everyday Checking waitlist will result in the opportunity to open a Betterment Everyday Checking account at a specific time.

If you join the waitlist and deposit funds into Betterment Everyday Savings, you will receive a promotional rate increase of 0.25% APR above the rate that funds in the program otherwise earn. This promotional rate is available to you at least through December 31, 2019, as long as you do not remove yourself from the waitlist before that date, and until every individual on the waitlist has an opportunity to access Checking.

Your position on the waitlist is subject to change. You can improve your position on the waitlist by inviting friends to join the waitlist by sending them the referral link, but you also may move down the waitlist if others on the waitlist invite their friends to join.

You may remove yourself from the waitlist at any time by emailing Removing yourself from the waitlist will result in you losing any promotional offer contingent on joining the waitlist, including but not limited to a promotional rate increase on your Betterment Everyday Savings. If you remove yourself from the waitlist, you can rejoin the waitlist at any subsequent time and obtain any promotional offers contingent on joining the waitlist at that time.